About Jbees

Jbees – Coffee and Donut Shop. Jbees is brainchild of Jasan Hirani, established in the year 2014. Jbees believe in customer satisfaction rather than customer acquisition. That is why we are the best shop in city for Coffee and Donut. We server the best donuts in city carved carefully with love and uttermost pleasure with piping hot coffee. Walk-ins welcomed, best place for groups or parties. Takeaways available too!

Journey of the Founder at Glance:

"In 2001, I started my journey with Donuts & Coffee, while working for America's biggest QSR chain, Dunkin Donuts. My Love and Passion for coffee gave birth to JBees. 12 Years of experience & passion allows me to serve you the finest coffee with sweetest donuts on Earth. Come and Join me on Journey to "World's Favourite Bitter & Sweets ride of your taste buds."

Jasan B.

History of Donuts:

Donuts were invented in North America by Dutch settlers and were often referred as one kind of oliekoek (meaning oil cake). Hanson Gregory, an American, claims to have invented the ring-shaped donut in 1847 when at just 16 years of age. Gregory was disappointed with the oiliness of doughnuts bent into different shapes. He claimed to have punched a hole in the center of doonut with the ship's tin pepper box, and to have later taught the procedure to his mom.

National Doughnut Day:

National Doughnut Day, otherwise called National Donut Day, celebrated in the United States of America, is on the first Friday of June every year, succeeding the Doughnut Day occasion made by The Salvation Army in 1938 to respect those of their individuals who served doughnuts to warriors amid World War.

History of Coffee:

The historical backdrop of coffee goes long back the tenth century, with various reports and legends encompassing its first utilize. The local (undomesticated) birthplace of coffee is thought to have been Ethiopia

International Coffee Day:

International Coffee Day is an event that is utilized to advance and commend coffee as a drink, with occasions now happening in spots over the world. It is celebrated on 1st October every year. First ever International Coffee Day was celebrated in 2015, as governed by the International Coffee Organization.